Friday, January 8, 2010

Well...I am back to try this blogging thing again. After 3 computers quit working during the time I was recovering from my car accident I bought my very own computer as a Christmas present to myself. So I'm rededicating my efforts to writing nearly every day. This is for me as much as it is for anyone who is interested in following this blog. I know I have at least one faithful follower in my friend "Ignite to Write" blogger Jan Mader.

My post for today.....It is a snow day! No school! I am snuggled in here in my kitchen watching all the snow as it continues to pile up outside. I am looking out as the lovely flakes cover every inch of the branches on the summer garden is buried deep in slumber under the white blanket. Snow blankets everything around me in its white cover...It is virginal and pure just like a beautiful bride dressed in white. As the flowers rest under cover I imagine they are hibernating and awaiting the first signs of spring with the sunshine and warmth of longer days. I am waiting too.


  1. Oh yes indeed. You DO have a faithful follower. I just love to read what you write. No wonder Chicken Soup for the Soul loves you!!!!

  2. I have been waiting for you!
    I am a friend of Jan, and I came to see if you are back, and you are!
    Thank you for coming back, I just knew you would!
    As you talk about your snow flakes falling- I can imagine them.
    I see the grasp that Old Man Winter has on the world right now, and I will wait until he releases his grip- just as you are waiting.
    I will wait with you- and wait for you to paint another story that I can feel in my heart.

  3. Kathy,

    Enjoyed the post. I am so glad that you are well and writing again.Oddly enough, we both wrote about the weather today!

  4. I got to benefit from one of those snow days since I am a teacher. I have to say that it is purely joyful to experience a snow day the way you describe it and then adding to that the extra spice of a stolen day!

  5. What I love about snow: How it cleans and defines everything it falls upon. What I am not so crazy about: the cold temps that accompany it!