Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The sun is shining today. Even though we had more snow flurries last night it feels warmer with the sun shining.

New post for today: As I start removing all the decorations from the holidays I feel torn about putting everything away. The lights will be gone from the tree and all the ornaments that have special meaning to me will be boxed up and put away until next year. It saddens me a little that the season is over. It seems as though it should last longer.

While I am putting away the ornaments and wrapping them in tissue paper I will remember the people who have given them to me...the child I took care of when I worked as a nurse that made me a polka-dotted snow man so I would always remember her...the shiny gold engraved ornaments given to me by my little sister the year before my husband and I were married. Those were the only ornaments on our first Christmas tree. This year a sweet young woman gave me a new ornament that she said reminded her of is a beautiful dove with an olive branch. Each year as I add that to my tree I will remember Janet and her lovely gift. All the ornaments mark the years and the memories of times past. Do you have a favorite ornament? A special tradition with ornaments? Write about it and we will see what comes to our minds when we write.

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  1. Hi, its me Tweedles, the pug.
    Remember me? Yes, we have some new traditions since I came to be a part of this family.
    The traditions start with getting a new puggie oranment for the tree.
    We have some other traditions that live in our heart too- but that is the one about tree ornaments.
    I feel the same way you do about putting away your decorations. The season does not last long enough- zoom- it's gone- just like a feather in the wind.